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Our Mission:

​Personal Participation for Community Enhancement


Next Trustee Meeting, 7:00 pm

  July 13, 2024


Rob Sattler, President

Deb Naz, Vice President

Sue Koski, Secretary

Guy Gehlert, Treasurer


Current Trustees

Dan Aitken

Janet Bodenmiller

Susan Charron

Patricia Chasteen

Mariann D'Hondt

January Dragich

Marty Ellis

Raymond England

Dan Fleming

Kelly Gwinnell

Laura Hellwarth

Current Trustees, cont...

Connie Houin

Joyce Jacobs

Connie Lucchese

Brett and Kelly Marshall

Mary Matuja

Sandy Moisides

Hidee Neuenschwander

Shelly Nevetta

Anita Penta

Jo and Pat Pompeo

Michelle Ramsdell

Toni Salvador

Laura Schroder

Renee Seago

Tina Seely

Marlene Smith

Fran Solomon

Karl Tech

The Grosse Pointe Shores Improvement Foundation

  • is an all-volunteer organization that raises funds for the improvement of the community through membership dues, contributions, gifts to the Endowment Fund, bequests, memorials, and other fundraising activities

  • responds to the need for improvements which, as a rule, are not provided for in a municipal budget

  • provides private means for the continuous improvement and conservation of the physical beauty of the Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, a Michigan City

  • makes a significant contribution toward making Grosse Pointe Shores a more enjoyable place in which to live

The Foundation is a Michigan nonprofit corporation, having been granted tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is managed by a Board of Trustees of up to 42 GPSIF members,  who are representative of the Shores community.

For more about our history, click onto our Events and Projects page.

To read our by-laws, click here.

To become a member, click here.


Trustees Emeritus

Mr. John Boll, deceased (Marlene)   

Mrs. Edward I. Book, deceased (Frannie)  

William D. Dahling, deceased (Nena)          

Mr. Ed Deeb (JoAnne)

Mrs. Charles M. Endicott

Ronald C. Lamparter (Mary)

Vicki Liggett (Robert)

Patricia B. Lowry, Posthumously

Georgia Mandich (Don)

Paul Naz, deceased (Mary Jane)

Dominic Pangborn (Delia)

John Pollick (Dana Alpern)

Virginia F. Rice (Bill, Dr.)

Rob Squiers (Cindy)

Kurt O. Tech (Carole)

Lynn M. Kurtz

Ron Wagner (Kathleen)

John Walton

Barbara A. Willett (Howard)

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.

George N. Bashara, Jr., Posthumously

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