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Trustee Archive Page 

This page is 'hidden' and not visible on the website.

The files are organized by year.  To add files:

  1. Select the Media button at the left (third one from the bottom, looks like two files with a mountain image)

  2. Select Upload Media in blue round button

  3. Select Upload from Computer

  4. Choose the files to upload; you can use the CTRL key or SHIFT key to select multiple files

  5. Click Open and then wait a moment for all files to upload

  6. Repeat the upload if necessary

  7. Move the file(s) into the proper folder (by year and/or type of file, such as meeting minutes or events)

  8. When finished, close the Site Files window using the X in the upper right corner

  9. Return to the Dashboard

  10. Log off the site using the drop-down in the upper right corner of the page

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